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A swing musician on the periphery, his drunken father and the grieving relict of a destroy easy make. Facing the Strange is a short story of three subsistences in plunge at the expire of the analog date - the subsistences of three characters that hold the key to one another's redemption.

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  • ISBN-10: 0956424260
  • ISBN-13: 978-0956424266
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Facing the Strange


In this third earnest from the Bullied Course, Seth continues his plight to seek revenge against the school bullies who have tormented him throughout his life. This look-in around he makes sure that his two couples know what is going on. His friends are definitely doubtful, both of the existence of the inside track and the way that Seth is inflicting his revenge, but they eventually stand behind him. A new element to this book, obvious from the title, is the introduction of a Magician to the comedy – actually three witches. Seth finds out quickly that the magician, Anna, and her twins will stop at void to gain the amulet and the weights held within. They intend to use the lucky pieces for evil plans, although we don’t know exactly what yet. This fashions that Seth must fully understand the inside track of the amulet in place to protect himself from their ruthless blames. He also has to worry about the security of Jim and his friends. In place to defeat the witches, Seth has to gain an understanding of their magic and their capabilities so he can learn how to defend himself against it. He makes a wheel of fortune of false steps along the way, but he eventually begins to comprehend what he is really up against. These witches are bullies, just like his rivals at school. He has no intention of letting them have the lucky pieces. To be honest, I’m enjoying this course less and less with each book. The first book, Bullied, was fantastic. It was such an original meaning and interesting storyline. The second book, Revenge, took a negative turn for me. I didn’t like that Seth was using his mind control capabilities to force the bullies to do further weaken to the world instead of forcing them to do good. I think that was a squandering of such a phenomenal inside track. Now, in the third book, the comedy is so far off from where it started that it doesn’t really seem like the same comedy anymore. Seth’s battles are now with the paranormal world rather than the bullies. Frankly, I don’t see how any of this book sends a good anti-bullying paper. Personally, I wish this course had taken the resemble of having Seth save one bullied girl (or hang out of girls) at a look-in. Let him use his weights for retaining others in his place rather than just punishing people. I feel like he is completely missing the punch of having such fantastic inside track. He is being very small minded. Anew, this is a quick scan. I scan the first three texts in the course all in one afternoon. I highly recommend reading Bullied, but I don’t have the same high praise for the sequels.

2020-09-18 08:58

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